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For novices you don’t need much – the essentials are a swimming costume, goggles, a roadworthy bike (road/hybrid/mountain), helmet and running shoes – see below.

If you enjoy triathlon, and particularly if you plan to race more often, there is huge potential to buy additional toys (ahem, equipment) that may help to improve your race time. Members will happily give advice on their favourite piece of bike bling or pool toys.


• Trunks/swimsuit: This is all that’s required for races in a pool. However, particularly for shorter races many competitors wear a tri-suit. This is kit that is comfortable to swim, cycle and run in and therefore will reducing transition times.

• Wetsuit: If you’d like to participate in open-water races you will need a wetsuit as they are compulsory; the club has a couple that can be borrowed or they can be hired for a season – we can advise you where from.

• Goggles: essential so you can see where you're going!

• Other: Flippers and pull buoys are useful for training sessions – these can be borrowed during club training sessions.


• A roadworthy bike. This is usually a road bike but often people do their first race on whatever bike they have. We have plenty of expert cyclists in the club who can offer advice about what to buy and thereafter how to set it up for your height etc

• Helmet: A cycle helmet is compulsory for entry into a race - if you turn up without a helmet you will not be allowed to start. As a club we advise members to wear their helmet whilst training.

• Bike shorts and tops: It is advisable to wear specific cycle shorts and tops as it makes cycling a lot more comfortable! Reasonably priced kit can be bought on line and club kit is also available at reduced prices (see below).

• Shoes/ pedals. As you become more proficient on the bike you may want to invest in clip in pedals and shoes - again members can give you advice about this


• Running shoes. It might be worth getting these fitted at a specialist running shop – it could help to prevent injuries and maybe even make you run a bit faster!

Club Kit

We have new club kit being released for the 2017 season! Check back for updates!

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