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New to Triathlon?

Why triathlon? 

Triathlon is the UK’s fastest-growing participation sport, with a reputation for being friendly and inclusive with people competing at all levels within the same race and all getting equal support. People come to the sport for a variety of reasons, whether from a single sport looking for a fresh challenge or those starting out on a fitness campaign wanting to make finishing a race their goal. All are equally welcome.

What is triathlon?

Triathlon is a sport made up a three disciplines, a swim, followed by a bike ride and finishing with a run. You race against the clock, over the total time for all three aspects of the race. As a result there is a "fourth discipline", the transition from swimming to cycling, T1, and from cycling to running, T2, where time can be gained or lost.

The races are run over a range of distances with the swim either being pool-based or in open water (in which case you must wear a wetsuit). Most people start with a Novice or Sprint. The distances are:  

  Swim  Bike  Run
Novice 400m 10km 3km
Sprint 750m 20km 5km
Standard 1500m 40km 10km
Half Ironman 1900m 90km 21.1km
Ironman 3800m 180km 42.2k 

The majority of races in Scotland are sprint or standard distance but many races include a novice event. Races have to be entered in advance. Most but not all are entered through www.entrycentral.com. Please visit www.triathlonscotland.org/events to see all the events in Scotland. 

What equipment will I need?

For novices you don’t need much – the essentials are a swimming costume, goggles, a roadworthy bike (mountain/hybrid/road), helmet and running shoes. The club can lend you pool training aids and it also has a couple of wetsuits it can lend for open-water races.

Can I try it out before I join?

Yes! We welcome new members and offer three coached swim sessions before we ask you to join but even then there are different levels of membership, depending on how much swimming you want to do. Come along to one of our Monday swim sessions and speak to the coach on poolside or contact us in advance.

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