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Race report, December 2014

We had several members competing at the first of the ABC Monikie Winter Duathlon Series on Sunday 14th December.  The series of three started with 4km run followed by 21km bike ride, and the following events in January and February will be full duathlons consisting of run, bike, run.

Conditions on Sunday were cold but fortunately not frosty.  However competitors were subjected to strong winds with frequent gusts, making the bike leg very challenging - in particular a long stretch of uphill directly into the headwind!

Sandra Tulloch had an excellent race, finishing as 2nd female in 1:02:35. Further results were Adrian Allan 1:04:10, Kirsti Sharrat 1:08:02, Alasdair Hood 1:09:25, Sally Newman-Carter 1:13:44, Rebecca Trengove 1:16:27, Rhona Graham 1:21:07 and Jane Askey 1:40:35.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the series.



Race reports, November 2014

Rhona Graham, towards the end of a busy year, headed to Peterhead on Sunday 9th November to take part in the Peterhead 10km.  She had another successful race, finishing with a time of 53:48.

On Saturday the 8th November, Forfar Road Runners hosted the ever popular Glen Clova Half Marathon, in which Linda Hardie, Jude Alcock and Sally Newman-Carter took part.  Linda finished with a time of 2:08:31, Jude 2:16:35, and Sally 2:04:37.  Well done to all!


Fiona Lothian and Martin Farrally took part in the Stirling Sting Mountain Bike Orienteering Challenge on the 16th November.  These events are a great way of exploring a new area on a mountain bike - and improving map reading skills in the process!  Teams compete against each other to collect points from control points within a 3 hour period.  With no fixed route, it is a test of competitors’ navigation, biking skills, speed and endurance to pick up as many points as possible.  Fiona and Martin picked up second prize in the mixed pairs category.

On the same day, Rhona Graham ran the Fraserburgh half marathon in wet, windy and miserable weather.  Fortunately for Rhona, conditions were more favourable at the first of the Aberdeenshire winter duathlon series on Sunday 23rd in Inverurie.  This was a run-bike-run event, with distances of 4.5km, 21km, 4km.  Rhona finished in a time of 1:47:35.  The series continues in Westhill, Aboyne and Knockburn in January, March and April.


Race Reports - 2014 Summary

East Fife Triathlon Club, Race reports, October 2013- Sept 2014




Monikie winter duathlon series: In the first race of the series Sandra Tulloch 1:01:03 (and 2nd female senior), followed by Elise Methven in 1:03:24 (1st female vet), Alasdair Hood in 1:04:43, Kirsti Sharratt in 1:05:52, Ian Muir in 1:09:10, Laura Philpott in 1:09:32, Carole Fraser in 1:40:37 and Jane Askey in 1:40:57 (2nd female vintage).



New Year’s Day Triathlon, Edinburgh: Elise Methven was 2nd FV.

Monikie winter duathlon series: In the second race Andy Brierley finished in 51:37 (2nd overall and 1st male vet), followed by Elise Methven in 1:00:53 (1st female vet), Alasdair Hood 1:01:09, Kirsti Sharratt 1:01:09 (2nd female vet), Laura Philpott 1:03:16, Rhona Graham in 1:10:05, Carole Fraser 1:35:42 and Jane Askey 1:37:21 (2nd female vintage).

Strathpuffer: Andy Brierley, Adrian Allan, Ally Bagnall and Scott Urquhart took part.

Monikie winter duathlon series:  In the 3rd and final race Sandra finished in 1:22:03, Elise in 1:23:30, Kirsti in 1:23:44, Alasdair Hood in 1:24:00, Carole Fraser in 2:11:02 and Jane in 2:16:03.  This meant overall placings of Sandra Tulloch 2nd female senior and 2nd woman overall, Elise Methven 1st female veteran and 3rd female overall, Kirsti Sharratt 3rd female veteran and 6th female overall and Jane Askey was 1st female vintage.


Cupar Triathlon: Andrew Hood was 1st in 01:07:18.  Other club members competing in the sprint were  Elise Methven (01:23:09 and 2nd female vet), Neil Millar (01:31:01), Laura Philpott (01:33:07), Sally Newman-Carter (01:39:48), Karen Waterston (01:47:21).  Jane Askey was 1st Female Super Vintage.



Selkirk Standard Distance: Ian finished in an overall time of 3:05:18.


Etape Caledonia: Rebecca Trengove (4:22), Ian Cranston in 4:27, Stewart Wilson in 4:32 and Sally Newman-Carter and Laura Philpott in 5:31, Sally crossing the line just ahead of Laura.


Etape Loch Ness (67miles): Rhona Graham (4:12)


King of the Mountains Sportive (100km):  Rhona Graham (4:06)


Baker Hughes 10k road race: Rhona Graham (54:49).          

Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon:  Elise Methven finished 2nd woman overall (only 5 seconds behind the 1st woman) and 1st Female Vet in a total time of 1:18:01, followed by Laura Philpott in 1:28:18 and Karen Waterston in 1:37:05.

Edinburgh Marathon: Aaron Anderson (3:37) and Sally Newman-Carter (4:20).


Stirling sprint and novice triathlons: Elise Methven finished as 3rd Female Veteran and 5th woman overall in 01:15:18.  Linda Hardie was  2nd female vintage and Jane Askey was 1st female super vintage.  Mandy Palmer-norrie competed in the Novice event, unfortunately suffering a tube blow out 9km into the bike ride and riding the last 6km mainly uphill with a completely flat front tyre, but nevertheless finished in 01:03:06.


Knockburn Sprint Triathlon (Scottish Sprint Championships): Elise Methven took the podium again, finishing as 3rd Female Veteran in 1:11:39, as did Jane Askey, who was Female Super Vintage champion.  Other EFTC competitors were Luca Basso 1:12:31, Beverley Gibson 1:15:00, Laura Philpott (competing in her first open water triathlon) 1:23:26, Rhona Graham 1:30:02 and Mary Riffkin 1:31:11.

Ironman UK 70.3, Wimbleball: Jez Tomlinson finished first in his age category (55 to 59) in 5hrs 40mins 19s and thus qualified for the World Championships in Canada this September.

Bruce Triathlon  (Lochore): Beverley Gibson was 3rd Female vet 1:21:22.  Husband Luc o Basso finished just before her in 1:19:58 while Rebecca Trengove followed in 1:30:25 and Rhona Graham in 1:35:44.


GRC Fauldhouse Come and Tri: Aaron Anderson was 3rd Male Vet and 9th overall in a time of 1:09:26 and  Jane Staal was 6th Female Vet in 1:21:56.

Celtman:  Andy Brierley completed this for the second time in a total time of 12:48:36 (swim 0:56.43, bike 6.24.25, run 5:19:01). 

Ironman Austria: Alasdair Hood completed his first Ironman finishing in 12:08:00 (1:07:51, 6:18:00, 4:24:21), coming 34/78 finishers in his age group.



Monikie open water sprint triathlon:  Elise Methven continued her excellent season, finishing 2nd lady overall and 1st female veteran in 1:17:22, followed closely by Beverley Gibson, who was 3rd lady and 2nd female veteran in 1:18:31, just in front of husband Luco Basso in 1:18:32.  Aaron Anderson finished in 1:21:24,  Sally Newman-Carter in 1:30:18 (4th female senior), Arina Nagy-Vizitiu in 1:36:21 and Mary Riffkin in 1:38:33.


Ironman UK : Stephen Spencer, competing at this distance for the first time, finished in 16:32:31 (swim 1:44:18, bike 7:39:57, run 6:40:58).

Knockburn Standard distance: Beverley Gibson finished as1st Female vet and 3rd woman overall in 2:36:24. Luca Basso finished in 2:40:42 and Rhona Graham in 3:15:43.

Elie triathlon: Elise Methven was 2nd woman overall.

Westhill Sprint triathlon: Mandy Palmer-Norrie was 4th Female Vet, an excellent result for her first Sprint distance triathlon.  Her total time was 1:37:18.  Linda Hardie also did very well, finishing as 1st Female Vintage 1:39:45.

Aberfeldy Middle Distance: Two East Fife triathletes achieved podium places - Andy Brierley finished in 4:49:37 placing him 3rd in his age group, while Jez Tomlinson, finishing in 5:26:29  was also 3rd in his age group.  They were followed by Rebecca Trengove, competing for the first (and only) time at this distance, who finished in 6:12:29 and Ian Cranston, also competing for the first time at this distance, who finished in 6:46:31. Steve Spencer finished in 7:06:27, though half an hour of this was spent rescuing a badly injured cyclist who'd come a cropper on the steep descent.  Anona Cranston overcame a season of injuries to complete the race with great good humour, finishing in 8:21:23. Rhona Graham and Mary Riffkin both competed in teams, both taking on the tough cycle leg.  Rhona's team finished in 6:06:15 while Mary and her sisters finished in 6:36:56.


Craggy  Island triathlon: Elise Methven was 5th female overall in a time of 1:52:35, coming joint first out of the swim across the Sound of Kerrera.  She was followed by Aaron Anderson in 2:03:03, Sally Newman-Carter in 2:12:37, Jane Staal 2:30:55, Jackie Flett in 2:56:17 and Julie Brooks in 3:10:43.

Prudential Ride London100: Conditions were so bad that it was deemed too dangerous to do the full route and they knocked it down from 100 to 86 miles.  Despite the utterly miserable conditions, with rain so heavy that she couldn't see more than a few metres ahead of her, Sally Newman-Carter finished in 4 hours 50.

Challenge Vichy half ironman: Rhona Graham finished in 6:51:01 (39:12, 3:15:17, 2:46:24).

ÖTILLÖ is ranked by CNN as one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world; teams of two race together from island to island (Ö TILL Ö) from Sandhamn to Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. The teams swim between the 26 islands and run across them, mostly on trails or gravelled roads, but sometimes off trail. The total distance is 75 km, of which 10 km are swimming and 65 km are running.  To complete the course from before dusk demands that competitors are fit and that they have practiced a good technique to be quick in and out of the water as there are 38 in and outs. Andy Brierley and Stewart MacLeod finished 25th (out of 97 teams) in 10:43:49, a very impressive feat for 70+km of swimming and running, particularly running in a wetsuit and swimming in running shoes.

Scottish Aquathlon Championships:  Elise Methven came 2nd Female Veteran and  Jane Askey also won 1st prize in her age category.

Highland and Perthshire marathon festival: Sally Newman-Carter raced a half marathon in the morning finishing in 2:03:39.  In the afternoon she raced the same distance on her bike, finishing 1st Female and 4th overall in 43:37.  

2014 Powerman Long Distance  Duathlon World Championships ( Zofingen, Switzerland): Andy Brierley and Kirsti Sharratt both achieved silver medals.  This starts with a 10km run, follows with a 150km bike ride and concludes with a 30km run.  Andy finished in 7:33:31 (37:58, 4:30:27, 2:22:22) and Kirsti in 8:42: (39:36, 5:24:46, 2:34:30).


Huntly Standard Distance: Rhona Graham was 2nd Female Super Vet in 2:55:59.

Race reports, October 2014

St Andrews University triathlon club hosted its inaugural autumn duathlon on 26th October.  The format of this race is run-bike-run and offers an excellent alternative for triathletes during the ‘off season’ of the winter months.  The distances of this event were 5km run, 21km bike ride, finishing with 2.5km run.  Conditions on the day were far from ideal as participants had to battle high winds to complete the course, which took them running around the university playing fields and cycling through the countryside out to the west of St Andrews.

Club members Andy Brierley and Kirsti Sharrat both had successful races, both achieving podium places.  Andy was 3rd in his category, finishing in 1:15:10 (20:02, 43:51, 11:15) and Kirsti finished 2nd in her category, with a time of 1:23:29 (20:52, 51:37, 10.59).


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